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Here’s a thought: individual Internet browsing history is today’s unintentional diary of selfhood. It’s intimate, it’s true, and it’s often embarrassing. More importantly, if digested as a whole, it creates a detailed and accurate picture of who you are — your interests, your questions, your wants and needs. It’s pretty much all there. I think this is particularly true for members of my generation who have grown up spending copious amounts of one-on-one time with our laptops. (Did you name your first laptop? Oh man, I did.)

If you spent some time sifting through this information on my laptop, you would discover that I recently looked up "how to contour like Kim Kardashian", "how to get a slicked back ponytail like Kim Kardashian" and lastly, a google image search which every teenage girl has done at least once to make herself feel better: "Kim Kardashian's crying face". (Note: Kimmy K may have perfected contouring and the slicked back ponytail but at least I don't look like a trout when I cry). You'd also find out how many times I've compared cutlery sets on the Ikea website, in preparation for my upcoming move from the 5* comfort of my parents' house to shoddy, student accommodation (#PrayForBekki).

But you would also see just how many blogs and blog-like websites I read on a daily basis. A few of my favourite personal style blogs include Too Much Is Not Enough, Pages By Megan and I Dress Myself as well as Gladys Doris Dave. However as someone whose recently traded in the dreaded make up wipe for a 'Proper Skin Care Routine' (a.k.a. the #1 step of becoming a sophisticated woman), I regularly check out the beauty guru Bonjour Luce as well as the relatively new blog Tide and Thyme. Overall a very special but minuscule number of the blogs I read feature some flipping amazing writers. When it's done well, I think the most interesting kind of writing is the personal essay - there's nothing like digesting the human experience from an "I" perspective. The Man Repeller (who I believe is my kindred spirit), Rookie Mag and Hello Giggles are amongst of my favourites with truth, vulnerability, originality and humour being the magic combination for producing personal writing that people want to read and keep reading. These sites nail all four qualities. (Incidentally, Lena Dunham's show 'Girls' is a TV manifestation of what I'm talking about).

But most of all, I like to read personal essays related to fashion and style. Whilst I obviously enjoy the typical online fashion-centric offerings discussing the latest trends or a write-up of who wore what to the Met Gala - there's something about reading an experimental fashion piece in first person that gets my attention. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say it has something to do with the fact that the vulnerable human experience and fashion are, in many ways, inseparable. Fashion is full of mistakes and aspirations, choices and expressions of identity, doubt, weirdness, and surprise. Just like y'know, LIFE. They go hand in hand in my book.

I want to read about the time you saved up for months to buy a 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli bag that subsequently changed your life. Or that time you conducted an experiment by wearing a fur coat and heels to a sporting event. Or that time you wore your mom's skirt from the 80's (even if the ugliest f-ing skirt anyone's ever seen). You feel me?

It goes without saying that this voice is exactly what I want to be writing on my blog. As someone who'll be studying International Fashion Promotion at MMU come this fall, I want to spend the next couple of months finding my voice while writing about fashion from my own personal experiences.

I'd love to know YOUR thoughts (if you got to the end of this post, congrats, I'm naming my firstborn after you). What do you want to read online? Are your daily Internet browsings indicative of who you are? What you want to do? Be? Tell me, tell me.

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  1. My browser history consists of 'Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Dominos, Pretty Little Liars, How to pull off leather and fur and IKEA'. That sums up my life I think, with the exception that I haven't looked up Lena Dunham for the first time in a while. Please do carry on writing your blog like this because it's bloody amazing.
    Miss you like crazy.

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  2. I have no idea why I've never read your blog before yet I follow you on twitter/instagram! This post if great. My browser history is probably full of 'how to pull of the 90s goth look, pizza, Download Festival and cats doing cute things' haha.
    Kloe xx

  3. Thank you for mentioning Tide and Thyme, I've just noticed through my blog stats. I'm definitely always liking your Instagram pictures, so made up to have discovered your blog! A huge fan of your writing style to it's really refreshing to see well written blogs.

    Thanks Hun. Bridie x