PERSONAL / To Blog or Not To Blog?

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There are many factors that have stopped me from jumping on the blogosphere: a scarce wardrobe due to my addiction of solely buying shoes, no DSLR camera, as well as living in a Newcastle, a city where TOWIE star Lauren Pope, was our main guest at NCL FW. I must be incredibly foolish to create a blog under these circumstances, but if I waited for the "right time", I will probably never get around to starting a blog.

I’ve always been interested in fashion, right from the innocent age of three where I threw my first Bitch Fit over my mum trying to emblazon me in a overly glittery, rabbit motif t-shirt. My mum always tells me how I stubbornly decided to choose my own clothes from thereon out, animal-esuqe motif t-shirts included. Evidently I’ve made many fashion faux pas in my life-time, especially during my early adolescent years where I idolised such rappers as 50 Cent. I’ll never forget receiving my first designer garment (as a hand-me-down off a friend) at the tender age of twelve. Having braced my back on every paper round, I wore this luxurious garment to death. Sounds “hip” until you realise it was this exact Billionaire Boys Club hoodie, but in XXL. It’s safe to say I absolutely terrified my elderly customers upon first impressions but the truth was, I was the happy-go-lucky teenager who’d love a nitter-natter with the nans and deliver shopping necessities to those who weren’t mobile enough to leave the house. My clothes were just part of my fantasy persona.

For me, fashion has always been a form of expression. One of my all-time pet hates is when people say they’re “not interested in fashion” or other naive statements. All in all, fashion is too prevalent to be considered trivial. When you choose to wear or not wear something, it becomes that of a political statement. When shopping, you don't buy clothes - you buy your desired identity. Even during to the adolescent ages of 14 – 16, where I received chemotherapy four-five times a week and underwent 27 operations, I made sure I attended every hospital appointment dressed up to the nines. I even purchased multiple wigs and alternated them to cater my desired look. Sure, it seems a little impractical showing up to an operation in PVC leggings and enough jewellery to put Mr T to shame, but I don't believe people should take life so seriously 24/7. The way I saw it was that cancer was already controlling my body, but I’d never let it control my mind-set. I’d always stay true to my passion.
Days/nights spent in hospital were often spent flicking through glitzy magazines, such as Nylon and Vogue Girl, which I had imported from South Korea/Japan every month. Fast-forward almost two years and I’ve switched my magazine obsession with fashion bloggers. It's safe to say I spend a good 80% of my life resembling that of a Ryvita advert – lying in a luxurious bubble bath, scrolling through "The Man Repeller" on my (step-dads) iPad and eating black pepper crackers with salmon slices and low-fat Philadelphia. After several attempts of trying to create my own personal style blog, I’ve realised that my overly anal personality won’t allow this. I've never been able to come to terms with snapping “OOTD” posts in my own bedroom. As controversial as it sounds, I personally find the whole process extremely bland and tasteless. Choosing an outfit, setting up a tri-pod or balancing your camera on a tall object, before capturing a series of photographs that show the same outfit in twenty different angles, isn't what fashion's about. Fashion's supposed to be a form of artistic expression. I want to see real life situations showing personal style, images that reflect memories and dare I say it - outfits that people are actually willing to wear out in public...

Heartfelt rants aside, I've decided to create my own blog and (hopefully) find my niche as time goes by. I won't be uploading OOTD's captured in my bedroom, sharing my latest hauls or posting sponsored posts that have nothing to do with my blog content. Expect nothing less than me sharing my personal experiences related to fashion.